Who’s a geek?


cc image courtesy flickr.com/photos/nivlek_est/319151008/sizes/m/

In December we were mesmerized by Ubicomp Jedi Beth Mynatt and her personal stories from the early days at PARC to the amazing work she’s doing today in health care. Last night we were spellbound by Jacqui Chew‘s life chapters – from rock-n-roll to the corporati and on to her current mission to help bring start-up stories to life.

So who’s the girl geek? They both are, and we love that.

The Atlanta chapter of Girl Geek Dinners is celebrating everything and everyone that makes us “geek out”. Our next meeting is February 5th at Southface and if you’d like to help us shape our geek-out agenda for 2014, please join us.


2 thoughts on “Who’s a geek?

    • rhondalowry

      Great. You can find us on Facebook, and our events are posted on Eventbrite. Looking forward to meeting you and welcome to the ATL!

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